Not your usual pedicure service, this is a rejuvenation treatment, using Salts scrub and Essential Oils our relaxing and environmentally friendly foot treatment are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and inspiring pure.


PediKarma is inspired by the Ayurvedic Indian foot treatments. The feet are respectfully and loving bathed as an acknowledgment of the beauty and goodness that is our true nature. This service focuses on cleansing. Guided meditation is an option for those who wish to experience total relaxation of the mind, body, and soul.

The Results of PediKarma –PediKarma leaves the feet feeling soft, supple, and alive. One feels balanced from head to toe, ready to meet the world, refreshed. Clearer and calmer from deep rest and a feast of touch experiences, every client is sure to step away from the treatment with a relaxed, smiling expression on their face.


Relaxing Pedicure (PediKarma) Client relaxes on the massage table while a warm foot bath is given. Calluses are treated with a serum and dead skin is removed. Deep cleansing of the nails are done. Foot massage & reflexology.

60 minutes US$   85.00

75 minutes US$   105.00

90 minutes US$ 125.00