Self Care Talk

This is a program based on your own specific needs.

Grief Therapy

Sress Therapy

Overwhelmed by Work, Relationship or Personal Related Issues

90Min.   US$ 80


Soulmate Secret Course

4 session course US$ 200 p/p

Soulmate Secret Workshop: Manifest the Love your heart desires. Based on the bestselling book of Arielle Ford “The Soulmate Secret” we will show you how fun and simple living a life of love can be and how to attract the partner of your dreams or to let go of the past to manifest a better relationship with the love already in your life.

Private Workshop given upon request

Min. 4 persons


Meditation Course 

US$ 250 p/p

Min. 2 persons


Reiki Level 1

1 Day Course US$ 250 p/p

Min. 2 persons


Reiki Level 2

1 Day Course US$ 300 p/p

Min. 2 persons


Reiki Level 3

1 Day Course US$ 400 p/p

Min. 2 persons


Chakra Healing

US$ 250 p/p

Min. 2 persons



Not your usual pedicure service, this is a rejuvenation treatment, using Salts scrub and Essential Oils our relaxing and environmentally friendly foot treatment are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and inspiring pure.

US$ 150 p/p

Min. 2 Persons


Massage Courses



Deep Tissue

Bamboo Fusion

Forearm Massage


Relaxation Massage




Hawaiian Lomi  Lomi  Massage

Thai Massage

Shiatsu Massage


US$ 250 p/p

Min. 2 persons



Facial Protocols

Luxury Spa Facial

Organic Skin Care

US$ 275 p/p


Must Reserve via WhatsApp (599) 701 2010


Please add 6% sales tax to all services for Maestro & Bank Transfers

No credit cards for course



Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) is a series of audio programs that guide users into the twilight state between waking and sleeping. HPP uses specially recorded voices to weave an experience that gently overloads your conscious mind and guides you into a relaxed state to receive positive suggestions for changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

With over 15 unique programs targeted at multiple paths to self-improvement, you can join the 100,000+ people who use HPP to improve their lives. We invite you to change yourself through the trance-formational power of HPP.

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Creativity & Inspiration

Emotional Well-being

Health and Fitness

Love and Relationships

Money and Success

Stress and Relaxation

Counseling and Complete Program 2.5 Hrs US$ 120


Please add 6% sales tax to all services for Maestro

10% for credit cards