Massage Therapy Mondays to Thursdays 9am-2pm

30 min. US$ 55 (Therapy Back/Neck)

45 min. US$ 70

60 min. US$ 80

Deep Tissue 60 Min US$ 105

75 min. US$ 105

90 min. US$ 120

Deep Tissue 90 Min US$ 160



Massage Therapy Fridays to Sundays and after 2pm weekdays

30 min. US$ 65 (Therapy Back/Neck)

45 min. US$ 75

60 min. US$ 90

Deep Tissue 60 Min US$ 105

75 min. US$ 105

90 min. US$ 120

Deep Tissue 90 Min US$ 160


Therapy 5 session prepaid Cards

*Therapy & Weightloss

Any available times

5x 60 Min US$ 400


Couple Massages 

60 min. US$ 180

90 min. US$ 240


Lava Hot Stone Massage Our most favored massage session. Soothing, smooth basalt stones are lifted from heated water, married with warm oils and used in long flowing strokes to help connect body, mind and spirit. The soothing warmth and energy of the stones sink deeply into the muscles as tension and stress are melted away from the entire body. You become deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.


Cold Stone Massage Traditional strokes of Swedish massage are applied while holding a cold stones. This is a soothing, relaxing form of massage for revitalizing, rejuvenating. Refreshes the mind.


Namaste’s Signature Massage This is a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, trigger point and Tui Na massages that will relieve you of stress and encourage a natural healing process. Acupressure massage technique, applying pressure to specific points of the body to stimulate and unblock “meridians” (pathways in the body through which life energy flows), relieve fatigue and stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities This massage is superb for clients stressed out from work, home and other regular activities. You will leave feeling completely refreshed and relaxed after this massage.


Aromatherapy Swedish Massage This traditional massage incorporates relaxing aromatherapy. The light to medium pressure of the Swedish will ease tired, aching muscles while improving circulation and promoting healing as it eliminates stress. This session uses specially formulated blends of essential oils customized to your needs which soothe the mind, body and spirit.


Relaxation Massage This customized massage incorporates both traditional Swedish & Deep Tissue. Perfect for those who like a firmer massage, but not too deep. Relaxation massage is all about relaxing. It focuses on giving the client time to recover from the stresses of daily life


Deep Tissue Massage is designed for people with specific tension points and is perfect for the neck, shoulder and lower back. The massage therapist uses a firm intensive pressure to loosen up tension in your deep-rooted knots, muscle adhesions and to relieve pain. This massage takes out the kinks in areas of specific trigger points, one knot at a time. To dissolve your knots and nodules as thoroughly as possible.

60 Min. US$ 105

90 Min. US$ 160


Pregnancy Massage Prenatal/Postpartum Massage Highly recommended after the 1st trimester (4th month and up) to relieve lower back pain, general backaches, edema, sciatica, abdominal pressure and fatigue. This involves a gentle and nurturing massage for mothers to be. It helps to prepare women for birth with regular massage. The post-partum massage would be practical at least one month after birth to help in returning to normal shape particularly the abdominal / visceral area. Several sessions are highly recommended. 



Migraine Miracle Therapy – Cold stone Therapy for Migraines/ Headaches Cold Stone Therapy uses a combination of headache point release, stretching, aromatherapy and cold stone placement on the face and neck to eliminate or diminish the pain and pressure of migraines. This unique and innovative new technique is designed specifically to help those which suffers from migraine headaches. It can also be used for regular headaches, allergies and sinus pain.


Reflexology It is widely known in Eastern medicine that your feet are the doors to your entire body. Reflexology is a specific type of massage that heals your whole body through pressure points found exclusively on your foot. This massage will not only have you floating out of our spa, but it will also serve to re-balance the organs within your body, get rid of toxins and improve circulation. You can request to include hands and/or a head/scalp massage in your reflexology session. Multiple sessions are recommended to relieve specific conditions.


Namaste Sampler if you’re having a hard time choosing our many massages, maybe you don’t need to choose at all. We’ve combines four massage modalities into one 90-minute treatment. Enjoy Swedish, HotStone, AromaTherapy and foot reflexology or let us know your specific needs.


Namaste offers Outcall massages in the comfort of your home or vacation villa.

60 minutes US$ 140

90 Minutes US$ 180


Facial Treatment

60 Minutes US$ 140


pre-paid packages must be paid on first day of treatments and commute fee is waived.

5x 60 minutes US$ 625

5x 90 minutes US$ 825

Optional add on:

Organic Aloe Vera SunCare

Face US$ 30

Face, Neck & Shoulders US$ 40

Full Body US$ 55


Outcalls are given by well qualified massage therapists.

Nancy Hart outcall fee is US$ 150 per hour


Please add 6% sales tax to all services for Cash & Maestro

10% for credit cards